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Expect experience and expertise with our combined 50+ years in the software business.

Dedicated Server Hosting

We give you peace of mind by taking care of your server for you

Dedicated Server - Do The Work You Want and Let Us Handle The Rest

With a dedicated server you can automate your backups, and setup free SSLs using Let's Encrypt. We support Windows or Linux platforms.

Security Is Our Top Priority

Secure file access via SFTP, remote server access via VPN and Remote Desktop. Your server will be behind our firewalls, that are specifially tuned for web traffic.
Servers are physically located in a secure, underground data center.

Skilled and Experienced Support

We pride ourselves on delivering top notch support to everyone we serve. Cart32 will also have remote access to your dedicated server if you request support for an issue. With over 20 years in the internet business, we have the knowledge and skill to meet all of your hosting, e-commerce and development needs.

Affordable Pricing

We can match or beat the pricing you already have. Our support team will help you every step of the way.

For more information or questions, please contact us using this form or by phone @ 417-865-1283